Web Consulting

By experts to ensure your success

  • From 500 € will study together the scope and objectives of your project.
  • Analyze in detail the content and functionality.
  • We propose technologies that meet the needs of your site.
  • We will study the best alternatives for hosting or housing for you.
  • We estimate the expected future evolution of your web project.
  • Will include a section on the legal aspects of the Web.
  • We use the best security technologies and privacy.
  • Will present bids and budgets without compromise.

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Consulting Documents:

  • UML Diagram from the meetings, revisions, corrections and modifications until approval.
  • Technologies and Resources . Diagrams, technologies to be used and details of the same. Hosting or housing, connectivity, growth forecasts.
  • Marketing online . SEO, positioning, communication, social networking.
  • Data Protection Act and other legal issues.
  • Offers detailed of each of the parts of the project.



  • The consultancy will comprise related documents prior to be delivered within a period to be established after the signing of acceptance of the consulting offer.
  • Upon delivery of the documents that comprise it, it will make the recruitment of development work and preparation, configuration and installation in the housing decided.
  • The offers for the Web development may be accepted if it so chooses. However, all the technical documentation of the consultancy retained by the client and may use it at your convenience.
  • Consultancy costs will be deducted from the amounts to be included in the development offer CentroRed present and accepted.
  • The price of the consulting-from 500 Euros, will be reflected in the "Budget" of the corresponding offer.
  • For more information, call or fill out the form and with no obligation to you, we will inform and prepare, if asked to do-a consulting offer for your specific project.