Price Features Description
Additional Web Traffic 3.00 €/Gb
Includes monthly report

- 3.00 € / GB-redondeando la facturación a la baja para consumos que no lleguen a los 500 MB. y al alza para los que pasen de 500 MB del GB. superior.
-Incluye informe mensual €

Certificate (SSL) 69.00 €

Certificates (cerficadora Authority)
Annual fee: 69.00 €. This price may vary depending on the certificate you wish to choose.
Installing the certificate and SSL: Included if the web is hosted in CentroRed

*It is recommended to mount it on a dedicated server. Check Rates

Resetting Domain 90.00 €
The renewal of domains with CentroRed is automatic

The renewal of domains with CentroRed is automatic.
This means that if you come we have not received hand to answer any of the three warning messages sent 45, 30 and 15 days prior to renewal to mail, let's contact at the time, the domain will be renewed and loaded by default payment method.
If you would tell us not want to renew a domain, if your Payment does not allow us to do the job (for lack of funds, for revocation of the card, etc..), or if you have not attended warning mails correctly and then you wanted
recover your domain, you must pay 90.00 €, on the rates established for the recovery of domains due and renewed on time.

Change Of Ownership In Domain 90.00 €
Processing of changing of domains ownership

Costs of processing the change of ownership or generic domains. es

Price Per Hours 40.00 €/h
Hire our technicians per hours

There is a chance to hire one of our
part-time technicians to solve any problems
in Internet services, always made from our offices